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29 May 2015 @ 03:18 pm

Welcome to my livejournal dedicated to my twin Hirano Sho!

[Disclaimer: Not literally twins]

I don't really add anyone back, but feel free to add me (everything will probably be public anyway)

Lots of gifs, images and videos not under a cut - add at your own risk.

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13 January 2017 @ 10:40 am

Q: What's something about you that you can't quite change?
Licking my lips. Well, rather than can't change, it's an unconscious habit so I can't stop it. It's especially tough in winter, they get dry because I lick them but I lick them because they're dry. It's a vicious cycle. I use lip balm too, but in the end since I always lick it it runs out quickly. You could pretty much say I eat the lip balm (lol). That's why I'm pretty particular about the flavour of the lip balm. At the moment, I'm using a sweet one but that backfires, it's like "ah, it's sweet ♥" and I lick it again (lol). That and when I exercise, I have a habit of biting my lower lip. I think both of these look sexy or cute if a girl does it, but why is it so stupid looking if I do it...?

scans from yoshiko_mama@lj

Happy birthday Dai-chan! I only managed to get the motivation to finish this cause it's your birthday orz

Requested by katze555. Sorry I took so long! I started it, then I accidentally closed the livejournal post I wrote it in and lost everything and gave up for a while! If getting something you requested a year later is something you're interested in, you can request here! (lol)

Note: I haven't proofread this...

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Give us love!! Kinplease 💕
Mr. KINGPrince Letter Exchange

Kishi to Hirano
To HiraSho,
Are you well? I'm well.
It's gotten a bit colder lately, but
take care of your health
so you don't catch a cold,
please dress stylishly
with an inner and a leather jacket!
By k.c.
Iwahashi to Nagase
Dear Ren,
are you enjoying  high school?
Please go to school properly,
and live out this
youth that only comes
once in a lifetime!
Also, regards to your high school teachers!! (lol)
from Genki
Jinguji to Nagase
To Kaito-kun,
How are you?
How's the song from that artist you like?
They released a new song,
right? (lol)
I already listened to it!
Let's go to a concert sometime
Yuta Jin

Hirano to Kishi
To Kisshiー,
I'm fine.
You too Kishi-kun, please wear
a border print and a riders jacket, okay?
HS/HS ne
From Sho
Nagase to Jinguji
I'm enjoying it~!
I'll live my youth out for
you too, Genki!!
Oka~y (lol)

Kaito to Jinguji
To Jin-san,
I'm always listening
with Hirano-san~♪
Let's go~!!

[The left picture says Jin-san
and right picture says

(click for fullsize)
scans from yoshiko_mama@lj
Give us love!! Kinplease 💕
KingPrince Letter Exchange

Kaito to Kishi
To Kishi-kun,
Yuuta yahoo~
I'm writing this on the bus
so my writing is messy...
Kishi-kun's muscles are amazing.
Please share some with me!
Hirano to Iwahashi
To Genki,
Hello, this is Sho.
The driving school we're
meant to be going to together.
I'm the only one going!
Eh~ Please come as soon as possible.
I'm getting impatient, you know?
From your instructor and Sho
Nagase to Jinguji
To jin,
I guess like~ Hm~ I don't know~
We ate sukiyaki today!
It was delicious, so how about next time!!
Kishi to Kaito
To Kai-kun,
It's Kishi.
I'm happy that
you drew me a portrait, but
Why is there
a carrot next to me!?
I'm not a horse---------------!!
Iwahashi to Hirano
I'm going to university, so it's really tough, but
I'll go and get my license soon.
One day I'll go for a drive
 with you in the passenger seat. LOL.
But driving in a game is
better than an instructor!! [?]
From the god of driving, Genki
Jinguji to Nagase
To Ren,
Thanks for inviting me to eat the other day!
Last year it was shabu shabu, so
this year it's sukiyaki!
Let's go eat, the 2 of us, and
have a meeting about the MC (lol)

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scans from yoshiko_mama@lj
Give us love!! Kinplease 💕
Mr. KINGPrince Letter Exchange

Kishi to Nagase
How are you? I'm well.
Let's go eat again, okay~?!!
And let's go clothes shopping together, okay~?
Merry Christmas!
By Kishi
Iwahashi to Hirano
How are you doing?
I'm well. [Genki pun?]
Let's both work hard, okay?
I'll give you a baseball jacket sometime!!
The one I promised...!!
From Genki
Jinguji to Hirano
To Sho,
Are you doing well?
We haven't gone shopping together lately.
Oh, that's right, did you buy
the shoes?
I haven't bought them yet~!
Let's make it lezaa day together next time,
and go shopping~!
Until next time~
Nagase to Jinguji
I'm well~
Your handwriting's really messy, Kitty.
Please write your characters more neatly (lol)
I'll go to a meal and shop with you,
so treat me okay? ♪
Kaito to Kishi
I'm fine thank you~ ♪
Really!? Thanks!!! ☺
Let's go lunch someday!!

Hirano to Jinguji
To Jin,
I'm fine! I'd like to go again!!
I bought them and gave them
to a friend the next day! LOL
Then let's go shopping
OK, let's decide when to
meet again!
By the way, it's not lezaa day,
it's Leather day, okay?
From Show

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scans from yoshiko_mama@lj

Sho's Recent State:
I went to watch "Nobunaga Concerto". But actually, because I hadn't seen the drama, I didn't really grasp the relationships between the characters. Because that was really frustrating, it took until 5 in the morning from when I got home that day, but I watched all the episodes (lol). I thought it was really interesting from start to finish! and at the same time, "I should have watched the drama first" (lol). So I want to go watch the movie again.
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